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Education breaks the cycle of poverty, but it must also be a quality education.  Overcrowding, lack of educational equipment, text books, materials and supplies, poor funding are to name a few of the problems that marginalized schools in the slums face.

Education in Kenya is not free, there are school fees, uniform fees, required materials costs etc.  These costs are often unreachable to the most vulnerable and those living within urban slums.   When families are unable to pay school fees, a school may have a hard time even paying teacher salaries.  Many of the schools in the Nairobi slums lack even one copy of the required text books.  Yet all of these children must write standardized country wide exams.  Marks from these exams determine what program of studies or trade may be pursued.   Poor familkies living in the slums therefore have very little chance to break the cycle of poverty.    


Loving Compassion Africa works with St. Theresa's Secondary school and Tresgad Caring Hands Initiative to improve the student learning experience and give the students a chance at mastery.  We have repaired classrooms, built and equipped science labs, supplied complete sets of textbooks, learning materials and supplies, and started a students/teacher library.  LCAS has also provided funding for tutors and help with teacher salaries.


These small changes have helped level the playing field and have provided hope to the entire student body.  St. Theresa had 5 students achieve top marks in 2022 and this enabled them to receive government scholarships to pursue university degrees and trade programs.  

 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

NEWS Articles about our school sponsorships

Loving Compassion Africa

“The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action”.

Mother Teresa

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