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Our Story

Africa has a way of creeping into your heart.  The history, culture, landscape, wild open spaces and wildlife are breathtaking but it is the people that draw you back.  My first introduction to Africa was in 1985 on a backpacking trip, and my husband and I have made numerous trips since then.  


Drought, extreme poverty, disease, and conflict continue to devastate, and the effects of Covid-19 on the economy has left more than a third of the population undernourished. Women and children suffer the greatest risk of starvation.

In 2010 we (founding directors of LCAS, Jan Ellison and Richard Hsu), along with our two young children Brandon and Zach, went on a 6-week mission trip to Zambia. Richard, a physician, volunteered at the local hospital, and ran a couple small medical clinics within the slums.  I (and the 2 boys) volunteered at an orphanage for children with HIV, provided small group tutoring in math and English, and helped out at the medical clinics.  Since then, I have been on numerous mission trips have volunteered/fundraised for local charities, and have been on the board for two.  


Richard slowing down at the hospital, our kids being away at university and having met numerous community leaders in the Nairobi area were all catalysts for our creating LCAS (Loving Compassion Africa Society). After 11 years of actively helping established charities, we decided to go out on our own.

LCAS's initial focus is on transforming the lives of children, single mothers, handicapped individuals,  and others that are living in extreme poverty.  Food, shelter, and quality education are vital for a person to break the cycle of generational poverty.        Jan Ellison

Loving Compassion Africa

“The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action”.

Mother Teresa

Transform Lives with Food Shelter and Education 
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