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Congolese Refugee Camp, outside Nairobi

In February 2023, Loving Compassion Africa (LCA) expanded our reach into a Congolese Refugee Camp in a rural area out side Nairobi. The Congolese, as they are not citizens of Kenya, are not able to attend public school, are not being hired by most businesses and struggle to survive. Many of the residents in the camp are widows or parents that are trying to raise their own children along with all their nieces and nephews. The instability in the DRC has seen many rebel groups emerge and the routine execution of many village men and older boys along with torching of their villages. This has caused many of the citizens to flee the country. Though living in Kenya is safer, it also creates added hardships for families.


LCA has managed to send about 20 children to school, provided a few families with ongoing emergency food and medicines and have run a couple feeding programs.  We have also identified many additional children, families, persons with disabilities, widows and elderly grandmothers that are in desperate need of help.  Please help us to expand our reach and bring hope to more deserving people. Your generous gift can mean the difference between a meal and starvation and provide the means to escape the cycle of extreme poverty. 

Please Consider sponsoring a refugee child's education or providing monthly food to a family.  Your small monthly donation can transform someone's life.

News about LCA work within the Congolese Refugee Camp

Loving Compassion Africa

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Mother Teresa

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